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ain't I a stinker?

4 May 1987
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i have to pee.
"like a motherfucker", "word", I hear there's rumors on the internets, ac moore, adjectives, adverbs, alliteration, animal crossing, ass, ass in hdtv, ass-shaking not handshaking, asses, assholes, banthespacebar, bitchcunt, butts also, cats wearing clothing, chaos, chemically altered mental states, corrianneaintnothintofuckwit', crazy words, dictionaries, fo' sho', for sure, french language, french people, friendship, gaseous ass, hail satan tonight, handshake drugs, hardcore shit, hindquarters, i am corrianne, i hate phones, i miss grandma, i'm not going to name names, ilikelotsofmusic, inspiration(artistic), intentional grammatical errors, it is, it's arbitrary, iwanttogotofrance, iwishiwerealittlebittalleriwishiwereaballer, iwishiweresmarter, je t'aime, keep it gangsta, kitsch, kittens, knitting, language, legalise it, liquid ass, literacy, literature, love, making things, manchester, manual typewriters, maybe, merrimack, metal, montreal, morethanfourwords, mynamefitsintosomesongs, mynameisprettysweet, nashua, new college, new hampshire, nouns, offensive images and words, ohfunnystuff, old ladies, one-hit wonders, onomatopoeia, paragraphs, plasma-screen ass, pleasedontmakemedeletemyinterests, poems, possibly, profanity, quebec, reading & writing, sarasota, school(believeitornot), sentences, sketchy adventures, smoketwojointsinthemorning, solid ass, spelling words, stickers, tampakindofsucksbutilikefloridaingeneral, tchotzkes, teaching in my future, the internet is rather engaging, thebesteverdeathmetalbandoutofdenton, troublemaking, veganism, vending machines, verbs, words, youshouldknowgrammar